FitFam Spring Challenge 2018

Welcoming the new season with sweat.

IMG_2928 2.JPG

Wake up, China.

The Turnout

A total of 318 people signed up to participate in our annual Spring Challenge across Shanghai and Beijing. We welcomed everyone - FitFam regulars, those who had spent the winter hibernating, and a whopping 108 people who had never before been to a FitFam workout - with open arms and deep squats.

In the end, 172 people completed 3 workouts, 135 people completed 4 workouts, and 95 completed the challenge with 5 workouts in 7 days.

The Photo Competition

FitFam Photographer

A special and warm thank you to our devoted photographer, Jadranko Marjanovic Mare, who attended several FitFam workouts to snap incredible moments from our Challenge week. His great photo skills have allowed our community to capture our best and sweatiest selves. All photos shown below are his own.

Thank you Mare!