IWD 2018: FitFam Super Femmes Share Their Thoughts On What #thetimeisnow Means to Them.


Happy International Women’s day! As we take the time to honor women across the globe, we also take a step back and acknowledge all the opportunities in our lives, as well as the work that needs to be done so that women everywhere can feel accepted, valued, respected and equal. 

This year, the theme of International Women’s Day is #thetimeisnow 


People often speak about getting fit, but starting from January 1st, or starting on Monday, or next month. But in all honesty, #thetimeisALWAYSnow to take care of yourself. And we’re not just talking being able to run a mile, being healthy means building healthy habits, healthy relationships, and this is what many people cherish most about FitFam. Showing up to a FitFam workout can be intimidating for anyone the first time, but showing up to a field at 6am in the morning, no makeup, freshly rolled out of bed, can be extra uncomfortable for many women. But the thing about FitFam is that judgement doesn’t make it out of the bed in the morning. It’s just you and a field of other men and women all there to sweat together. 



For us, #thetimeisalwaysnow, but because FitFam is about so much more than working out, we wanted to ask our FitFam femmes what #thetimeisnow means to them, and this is what they said.


#thetimeisnow_to be mindful.
#thetimeisnow_to embrace yourself.
#thetimeisnow_to do what you love.
#thetimeisnow_to bring all humans together for greater impact.
#thetimeisnow_to be who you are.
#thetimeisnow_to show our greatness to the world.
#thetimeisnow_to step in and show how amazing we are.
#thetimeisnow_to call your family and show your love.
#thetimeisnow_to give yourself into the moment.
#thetimeisnow_to stop thinking about time. Live in the moment and enjoy every breath.
#thetimeisnow_to speak up.
#thetimeisnow_to truly be yourself.
#thetimeisnow_to make every day the best day of your life - be it with a smile, kindness, badass decisions or just the right people around you.
#thetimeisnow_or simply regret.
#thetimeisnow_to love yourself!
#thetimeisnow_to stop being afraid.
#thetimeisnow_to turn your imperfections into your strengths.
#thetimeisnow_to redefine beauty.