Snow Much Fun! FitFammers Celebrate First Snow Storm in Shanghai in 10 Years With Their Own Workouts


Shanghai's recent "snow storm" (the first since 2008) was no match for some of our FitFam members. Check out these Winter Warriors who bundled up and braved the elements the past few days all in the name of fitness (and epic photos, let's be honest.)


Empty Streets

The 'Empty Streets' gang didn't flake out. A small but fierce group of 3 runners was up at 5:00 AM on Thursday morning, making their way through snow and darkness to reach the Bund.


Jiaotong - Xuhui Campus

Our crazy Jiaotong Xuhui members, in typical fashion, decided to get original about it on two separate occasions. First, some thought it was perfect beach weather and showed up ready for a dive. And the following day, they incorporated some push-and-heavy lifting into their regular training.


We apologize for any SNOWMO these photos might be giving you, but now you know where to find us the next time that white stuff starts falling out of the sky!